Information for Students

Below is a list of FAQs that might be useful as you consider my courses or advising:

I am an [undergraduate], [graduate] student, can I enroll in your course?

For the INFO course series, the likelihood is that you’ll be able to enroll should you meet the prerequisites of the course. For the CYBER course series, only those students directly enrolled in the MICS program are able to enroll at this time. 

Do you advise dissertations?

Yes, I’m more than happy to serve on dissertation committees and currently advise students across Schools and Departments–occasionally as an outside member. If you are interested in my serving on your committee, please contact me and provide a 2-page summary of your research agenda and make clear where I might benefit your research. 

Will you provide letters of recommendation?

Yes, I’m more than to provide letters in support of current and former students for both further graduate study and professional opportunities. Please bear in mind that faculty require time to write good letters. As a rule of thumb, please provide a month of advance notice prior to the recommendation’s due date along with your CV, transcript, and any other material that you think might be important for us to have.   

I’m a prospective student, will you…?

I generally do not meet with undergraduate or graduate students unless they are admitted to a program on campus. 

Please know that admissions at the Information School and departments across campus are handled by various committees.